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Who we are

Sumeet Arts is a diversified motion picture production, acquisition, distribution, and syndication company headquartered in Mumbai. Founded in the year 2000 by Indian actor Sumeet Saigal, the company established itself in the niche segment of acquiring rights to movies of all languages, following it with the production of motion pictures and TV shows for various channels.

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What We Do


Acquisition is an intrinsic and constitutive part of motion pictures. We assist in accessing the rights to a film or acquire the license so that the owner is legally transferred to the respective buyer.


Film production is another important fundamental linked with various aspects of a film such as a script selection, direction, editing, and financing. We initiate, coordinate, supervise, and manage the creation.


Distribution is a major key to financing of the film. Through film distribution, we determine the marketing strategy, grant the license of the film, set release date, and elect the media source where the film should be made available.


Why We Stand Out

Active since the 80s, Sumeet Saigal has been a part of various films and their licensing. The company Sumeet Arts represents his hard-work and dedication throughout making it a trustworthy and a reliable platform to associate with your project.
Having an immense experience in dubbing, licensing and distribution of over 500+ films in the Indian Cinema, we stand out to be on the cream layer from the rest.

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